Lessons from my Cat

SunningsmallerDid you know there is a cat archetype?

After studying the nine archetypes of women, I started wondering what I could  learn from my cat?  First of all, my cat has a LOT of lover energy.  Have you noticed how sensuous a cat is?  My cat, Muffin, almost has an orgasm when I rub her belly. OK?  Have you ever seen a cat have an orgasm?  Well, neither have I–and that isn’t what I learned.  I learned that I need to be touched and when I am touched–I feel alive!  Another thing I learned from my cat is how to love my body.  Muffin stretches every time he gets up–(yes Muffin is a ‘he)’-and if I would just remember to stretch every time I get up from sitting for hours, how much more my body would love me back.  Also, Muffin only eats a little bit at a time and eats many times a day and hasn’t gained any weight since he was a year old.  Now, how many more diet books do I need to read–remember only a little bit of healthy food many times a day–however, I don’t think I could stand to eat the same old dry food each time!  Thank you, Muffin, for teaching me about my lover archetype!

Welcome Women and Men

My name is Charlene Tosi. I’ve written a book called Discover your Woman Within. I am also the Founder of the organization Woman Within, LTD. I have worked with thousands of men and women to help them discover themselves and all the gold of who they are.

This blog is likely to be an outlet for some  more of my thoughts on women and men and how they can use their innate gifts to become more of who they are.  One way to discover our gold is to understand the many parts of ourselves and how to balance them to serve us better.

I welcome you to join me on this journey  as I share my ups and downs, curves and bumps, my reflections, and all that I continue to learn along the way.Welcome stone