Calling In Your Archetypes

Calling in My Archetypes.  When I was writing this book, every day I would call in all my Archetypal energies to assist me in being present in my wholeness.

My Infant offers me the gift of trusting myself and my innocence.

My Child offers me the freedom to be magical and imagine the possibilities.

My Adolescent offers me the gift of finding my unique voice.

My Lover offers me a deep connection to myself and others.

My Mother offers me the gift of nurturing and sustaining myself through this process.

My Warrior offers me a shield to protect me from my own and others’ critical judgments.

My Shadow offers me the gold found in all my past experiences.

My Crone offers me the strength to let go of any expectations.

My Queen blesses me with grace and endurance to believe in myself and my wisdom.

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