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I welcome Kerstin Bardua from Germany who has graciously shared a Face Book post for my blog.  This speaks so eloquently about how Mother/Daughter relationships can be healed!  This is also a beautiful example of how to use Queen and Crone energy to heal our relationships with our mothers.  Enjoy!

Mother-Daughter-2 Kerstin

As some of you know my mother has cancer since 3 1/2 years and in 2011 the doctors gave her 6 month. But she´s still living.

In 2010 I did my Woman Within weekend and in 2013 my Women in Power weekend. I´m so deeply grateful for having had all that experience for my growing within. I would not ave been there for my Mother through the last 3 1/2 years as I was, without all that experience and without all the wonderful women in my life. No matter if they are living in Germany, England, and the rest of Europe as well as in America, Australia and Africa.

I reclaimed my gentleness, wisdom, love and compassion, my freedom and peace. I´m able to guide my mother through her treatments with so much love and compassion even if I had chosen another “healing way”. And I got a new/renewed connection with her.

In October 2014 I staffed the Woman Within Weekend in England. It was her birthday too, so I wasn´t able to be with my mother when she was celebrating for an “unexpected” 4th time (from the view in 2011 after the diagnosis). Before I left to the UK for staffing I promised her that my birthday-gift for her would be time. A mother-daughter-day.

And when I came back I made the decision to spend one day with her in London. A place in a country I have planted one of my roots in 2010. And for her it´s an adventure to travel only for one day from Germany to London, a foreign country. And also exciting for her as she didn´t travel much especially without my father. It´s a little bit crazy. I picked her up early in the morning at 5:00 am, we flew to London and had breakfast there at 9:00 am. I showed her some wonderful places, we had a nice lunch. We both were total
relaxed, and enjoyed each and every second.

Through that we have had so much deep and important conversation about death and the question  of how we would like to have our funeral and if we prefer to have a grave or not. She showed me so much wisdom and love for life. And I was able to see her crown. She was so gentle and tender. She trusted totally my guidance. At 9:30 pm we were back at home. One fulfilled day! Two days later she wrote me the following message:

“Dear Kerstin, I´m still thinking about our day in London. It was soooo wonderful!!! You´re an amazing and awesome young woman!!! I´m very proud of you, even if my share in that is very small! I love you so much! Your mum!”

I´m so grateful and deeply touched. That is it what every woman needs to hear from her mother and what each mother needs to say to her daughter. That is what needs to happen, that the older generation is blessing the next. When I write this I have tears of gratitude in my eyes. I realize that she gave me so much. A lot of who I am I got from her. She is such a brave, loving, life-affirming, gentle woman. I´m very proud to be her daughter and I love her so much. I bless you Karin, daughter of Johanna.

And I´m so grateful and happy that the intention of my gift was right. My mother is still “flying” and so happy. And I´m too. To have time together, conscious and with intention is so precious and valuable. And I bless my daughters Ludovica, Mauritia and Aimée. I´m very proud of you and to be your mum.

I thank all the women in my life for presenting me with so much. I bless you all.

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