Have You Abandoned Your Inner Child?

Imagine a child whose parents have been killed and in order to survive she has to hide in the bushes or in a cave so she won’t be eaten by hyenas or captured and sold into human trafficking?  This is the case for thousands of children in Sudan.  A Woman Within graduate is making a difference in the lives of these children where they are fed, educated and kept secure in one of three orphanages throughout Sudan and South Sudan.  As a Board member of Make Way Partners, I now have a part in serving these children in Africa. Inner Child

As I think about these children, I am struck by the thought of all the women in America and around the world who have abandoned their Inner Child.  Is your inner child hiding under a bush afraid she will be eaten by the ‘hyenas’ of life—or captured by all the false beliefs that keep her a slave to your adult life?  A horrible thought, I know, however, this happens to my inner child all the time.  I ignore and abandon her with my busy schedule and all my grown up tasks that squeeze out her out of my consciousness.  Where is your inner child as you think about your daily life?  Have you spoken to her and asked her how she is?  Have you allowed her to play and have fun?  Have you asked her to imagine some magical way to help you solve a problem in your ‘adult’ life?  This part of you has so many gifts to offer you. Take a moment to picture and listen to your Inner Child.  You can let her arrive in your awareness at any age she may choose to come—or you can call her in at a certain age.  When she arrives—realize if you have abandoned her she may not warm up to you right away.  Take some time to listen to her and let her throw a temper tantrum or communicate with you in HER way.  You may want to ask your Mother archetype or Crone Archetype to be with you to support you in reconnecting with your child.  After she has appeared, and after you have listened to her—then ask her what she needs from you and listen again.  For most of the women I have met—as children they did not feel heard—and that need never goes away.  Our inner child is hungry to feel heard and be held and loved.  She would love for you to visit her a LOT—so take time to find your deserted child and call her home.  For more information about Make Way Partners, visit the website www.makewaypartners.org.

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