Lessons from my Cat

SunningsmallerDid you know there is a cat archetype?

After studying the nine archetypes of women, I started wondering what I could  learn from my cat?  First of all, my cat has a LOT of lover energy.  Have you noticed how sensuous a cat is?  My cat, Muffin, almost has an orgasm when I rub her belly. OK?  Have you ever seen a cat have an orgasm?  Well, neither have I–and that isn’t what I learned.  I learned that I need to be touched and when I am touched–I feel alive!  Another thing I learned from my cat is how to love my body.  Muffin stretches every time he gets up–(yes Muffin is a ‘he)’-and if I would just remember to stretch every time I get up from sitting for hours, how much more my body would love me back.  Also, Muffin only eats a little bit at a time and eats many times a day and hasn’t gained any weight since he was a year old.  Now, how many more diet books do I need to read–remember only a little bit of healthy food many times a day–however, I don’t think I could stand to eat the same old dry food each time!  Thank you, Muffin, for teaching me about my lover archetype!

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