Listen and Silent

When I was sitting in the choral room of a local high school preparing for our rehearsal of the Vail Chorale, I looked up and saw on the blackboard the following statement: “Listen and Silent are spelled with the same letters.” Wow, I thought! How appropriate for the Crone archetype and for the importance of communicating with others. I find myself so posed to quickly respond to what another one is saying either by interrupting or letting my mind quickly ruminate to what my opinions are on the subject. To really listen means to be silent—even after the other has finished talking.
Also, to really listen to the whispers of my soul, I need to be silent and spend time alone to hear them. Too much ‘noise’ drowns out the quiet whispers that can guide me to what the next step of my journey holds…especially when I am confused, worried, stressed and want to either get busy to drown out the ‘noise’ or run away to distract myself from what I really need to hear.
What happens when we really listen—may be painful and may hold a lot of clarity. Take time to practice being silent and listening to your Crone’s whispers, as well as, what is being said to you—particularly if you don’t agree!

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