What Does it Mean to be a Queen

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Have you ever been between a rock and a hard spot and have no idea how to move forward and get unstuck? If you choose one path you have given up on yourself and if you choose the other, you give up on those you are trying to serve. Recently, I had this experience of others wanting me to give away a program I created without being acknowledged as the author. It seemed easier to just give it away—yet if I did that I would have banished my inner queen. It might have profited those who received the program, yet what about me?
What I realize is that women tend to give themselves away to others over and over. I have observed women giving up their dreams, giving away their gifts, and selling their souls in order to be liked and accepted. It is my ‘calling’ and my deep belief that women must receive back remuneration for their creations and I stand as an example of asking for a small percentage of the value of my program so my inner queendom and my family domain can prosper from the gifts of my talents, my persistence and my willingness to stay the course to keep this program alive.
So, being Queen doesn’t mean that you just bless those you serve—it means you bless those you serve AND yourself. Take a moment to ask if you are blessing yourself as you work every day to serve others in all the ways you do. What does your self-blessing look like? Are you prospering from your service? If not, take some time to discover how you can begin to turn all your beautiful blessing energy inwards. That is what it means to be a Queen—you bless others AND your inner domain.

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